Members Drive Trade Proposals

Unlock the power of collective intelligence with our Member-Driven Trade Proposals. Through our interactive Discord platform, your trading ideas find a voice in a dynamic, collaborative community.

Propose actionable trades, such as taking a short position in BTC, complete with entry and exit strategies. It’s more than just suggestions; it’s about making informed, calculated decisions that pave the way for real-world financial maneuvers. Dive into a world where creativity meets strategy, and every week offers a new opportunity to test your trading acumen.

Community Validate Ideas

Experience the strength of community-backed decision-making with our unique Voting Mechanism. Your trading proposals gain momentum through peer reviews, requiring 26 votes to transition from concept to action.

This democratic process not only engages but empowers members, ensuring that the trades we execute are a reflection of collective wisdom and confidence. It’s an engaging journey from ideation to validation, fostering a sense of ownership and community spirit among members.

We Execute Winning Proposals

Witness your trading strategies come to life with our Execution and Monitoring phase. After a trade garners sufficient community support, our team takes the helm, diligently executing and overseeing the trade.

This seamless transition allows you to observe the impact of your ideas in the real market, providing a tangible sense of achievement and contribution. It’s a testament to our commitment to turning community-driven insights into actionable, monitored trades.

Profitable Propsals Get Rewarded

Profitable trade ideas are not just recognized; they’re rewarded with an 18% share of the profits, directly benefiting from your insight and foresight.

This incentive scheme is complemented by our approach to risk management, where losses are capped to underscore the importance of prudent, thoughtful trading. It’s an environment where every outcome is a learning opportunity, guiding you towards becoming a more astute, risk-aware trader.


Trade Proposals and Votes


Earn unlimited with your trading strategies: propose profitable trades and enjoy a 15% share of the gains. You plan, we execute—your expertise, richly rewarded.


Cast your vote on a winning trade and reap rewards too! Secure a share of 3% of the profits, evenly distributed among all voters of the successful trade. The total sum is divided by the number of participating voters, ensuring everyone gets their fair share.

Profit Calculator


$500 is the max single trade position. 

10 %
10 %
500 %