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Join Our Exclusive Trading Collective: Pitch Your Ideas, Influence the Portfolio, and Earn Rewards for Profitable Trades

A crypto-focused investment club that puts you in the driver’s seat.

Exclusive community

Elevate Your Investing

Share ideas and investment approaches. Test investment concepts and measure outcomes in a collaborative environment.

Insightful Strategies

Discover New Strategies

Access innovative insights and strategies. Expand your market knowledge and explore new investment paths.

Portfolio Influence

Shape a $25,000 Portfolio

Propose and vote on trades, directly influencing our collective investment strategy. See your ideas come to life. Risk Free.


Earn from Successful Trades

Share in the financial success. Earn rewards for winning trade ideas and supporting profitable strategies.


Members Drive Trade Proposals

Unlock the power of collective intelligence with our member-driven trade proposals. Through our interactive Discord platform, your trading ideas find a voice in a dynamic, collaborative community.

Propose actionable trades, such as taking a short position in BTC, complete with entry and exit strategies. It’s more than just suggestions; it’s about making informed, calculated decisions that pave the way for real-world financial maneuvers. Dive into a world where creativity meets strategy, and every week offers a new opportunity to test your trading acumen.

Community Validates Ideas

Experience the strength of community-backed decision-making with our unique voting mechanism. Your trading proposals gain momentum through peer reviews. The three highest-ranking proposals transition from concept to action.

This process engages and empowers members, ensuring the trades we execute are a reflection of collective wisdom and confidence. It’s an engaging journey from ideation to validation, fostering a sense of ownership and community spirit among members.

We Execute Winning Proposals

Watch your trading strategies come to life risk free. After a trade garners sufficient community support, our team takes the helm, diligently executing and overseeing the trade.

This seamless transition allows you to observe the impact of your ideas in the market, providing a tangible sense of achievement and contribution. It’s a testament to our commitment to turning community-driven insights into actionable, monitored trades.

Profitable Proposals Get Rewarded

Profitable trade ideas are not just recognized; they’re rewarded with an 18%* share of the profits. You benefit directly from your insights and foresight.

This incentive structure is complemented by our approach to risk management, where losses are capped to underscore the importance of prudent, thoughtful trading. It’s an environment where every outcome is a learning opportunity, guiding you towards becoming a more astute, risk-aware trader.

*Net of trading fees


Trade Proposals and Votes


Enjoy a 15% shore of the gains on any profitable trade. Your reward is limited only by the success of your idea. You plan, we execute.


An additional 3% of gains are evenly distributed among all members who voted for the winning proposal. A second way to reap rewards!



All Trades Fixed at $500

30 %
10 %
500 %


Private Discord Access

Propose and vote for trades within our community.

Win Together

Profitable proposals accrue cash rewards.

Risk-Free Trading

We put up the cash. You bear no risk of loss.

Trade Visibility

Use the best trading ideas in your own portfolio.

Hive Happy Hour

Monthly virtual networking with guest speakers.

Advisor AMAs

Quarterly virtual discussion session led by a registered investment advisor.

$295 membership fee for 12 months of club access. Limited to 50 members!

If you’re not completely vibing with the community, we’ll refund your full membership fee provided you request a refund within the first 30 days of the membership term. No questions asked.


All members will receive a FREE COPY of “Warren Buffet in a Web3 World: Applying 60 Years of Sage Advice to Cryptocurrency, NFTs, Blockchains, and More.”

You're in expert hands!

Matthew Snider

Matthew, a registered Investment Advisor Representative, began his post-MBA career as a management consultant at both Big4 and boutique firms specializing in financial / liquidity risk management and marketing data analytics. Beginning in 2017, he became an active participant in many nascent cryptocurrency projects and began speaking to executive teams about the benefits of building go-to-market solutions for blockchain-based innovations.

Noticing the quick pace of adoption for the NFT space, Matthew founded his own consulting agency to help organizations and brands devise campaign strategies centered around market entry and building key utility features to maximize user adoption. Matthew received his MBA from Loyola Marymount University and his BA from Boston University.


Getting Started

The Hive is an investment club that provides a place for members to connect, engage, and learn from each other, including the ability to earn rewards for successful trades. The Hive is led by the Block 3 Strategy Group, a Registered Investment Advisor.

  • The Block 3 Strategy Group will allocate $25,000 to a portfolio that specifically trades cryptocurrencies. 
  • Club members are given the opportunity to direct trades on this portfolio without any personal financial risk
  • Members propose fixed-amount trade ideas and the community votes to execute the trade or not.
  • If the trade is profitable, the member who proposed the trade and any member who voted for that trade will be rewarded with a portion of the profits. 
  • If the trade is NOT profitable, no member is responsible for any losses as these are borne entirely by the Block 3 Strategy Group.
  • The Hive Trading Society is more than just a network, it’s a trading vibe. If you’re looking to learn, try out new ideas, and gain exposure to rewards without risk, we’re going to get along great. 
  • Our Hive is a place for you to increase your financial literacy, understand the intricacies of the market, and learn from fellow traders. It’s a valuable resource for anyone looking to improve their financial decision-making skills.
  • The market can stay liquid longer than you. Learning to invest or trying out new strategies come with costly consequences. By engaging collectively and sharing ideas, we gain valuable trading knowledge and experience. Our unique approach to trade planning and keeping those emotions in check will empower you to make informed financial decisions for decades.


  • Accepted members pay a $295 membership fee for 12 months of club access. 


  • Ability to propose trades.
  • Rewards for gains on trades (15%, net of trading fees).
  • Ability to vote for proposed trades.
  • Rewards for voting on profitable trade proposals (shared pool of 3%, net of trading fees)
  • Insulation from loss; no risk.
  • Visibility of all trades proposed/executed to guide your personal strategy.
  • Access to trading discord, proposal and voting channels.
  • Hive Happy Hour – Monthly Networking and Info Space with guest speakers.
  • 1-Hour “Ask an Advisor Anything” session (1 hour, Quarterly, virtual)
  • Free copy of Warren Buffet in a Web3 World: Applying 60 Years of Sage Advice to Cryptocurrency, NFTs, Blockchains, and More
  • 30-day money back guarantee.

We want the Hive Investment Society to be a thoughtful and meaningful trading community. If – for any reason – you don’t think this program is for you, we’ll refund your full membership fee provided you request a refund within the first 30 days of the Membership year. No questions asked.

Yes, there will be only 50 members admitted for this cohort.

Prospective members apply to Hive Investment Society. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until membership reaches 50 members. All membership decisions are at the sole discretion of the Block 3 Strategy Group.

Trading Logistics

Each member may propose their best crypto trade idea each week using our private Discord channel.

Community members are encouraged to vote for the best proposals using our private Discord channel. The 3 proposals with the most votes each week will have their trades executed.

The Block 3 Strategy Group provides the money for the portfolio.

Community member rewards are accumulated and tracked throughout the membership year. Rewards will be distributed at the end of the membership term. Members with rewards totalling more than $600 will be issued a IRS Form 1099-MISC.

Reach out to us directly on twitter @block3strategy

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If you’re not completely vibing with the community, we’ll refund your full membership fee provided you request a refund within the first 30 days of the membership term. No questions asked.